Professional Child Care In Home Early Learning delivers an innovation in childcare. We recognise that parents want only the best care for their children when they can’t be around. That’s why we have developed a model of childcare that delivers learning in the family home. We base our programs off the Early Years Learning Framework for Australia.


Our Professionals bring and element of education whilst delivering care to your children in the comfort of their own home. If your child is a baby, pre-schooler or even school aged, we can support them and meet your childcare needs. Our team will prepare learning programs that are tailored to your child’s needs whilst delivering to pillars of the Early Learning framework.


At Professional Child Care we want to ensure that our early learning delivers educational content. To do this we have created our own early learning program which follows the simple process of the Planning Cycle which is as follows:


  • OBSERVING - This is where our educator will document your child's interests, needs and celebrations.

  • ANALYSING - A summary will be prepared of your child's learning/interests over the month. This is linked to learning outcomes.

  • PLANNING - Our educator will set goals for the next month with intentional teaching plans detailing how we are going to meet those goals.

  • IMPLEMENTING - Following your child's lead the educator will observe and direct where necessary.

  • REFLECTION - At the end of every month we will reflect on how the month went, the direction the learning took and any new interests of your child.


Here is an example of a program using the planning cycle with Devon (click image to enlarge):

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Our programs incorporate component of the Early Years Learning Framework of


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